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Xandria’s new music video: Nightfall.

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Sharon in this week Kerrang (thanks to @TheSilentForce7)


Xandria  |  Nightfall (official video)

Freakin’ hell! It’s more awesome than I was expecting! Wow!

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Tarja Turunen

Milk, Russia

6th of March 2012

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Floor Jansen - Nightwish

Anonymous ↓

you're stressed because of college and I'm asking you for a fanfiction haha i apologize, first things first! and teacher of children ? you'll do great ! it doesn't matter if they are children or teenagers, they usually collaborate with practising teachers :) at least that's what happens in my school :)

It’s fine, I use my writing to relax so don’t worry about the request ;)

And, my kids will be between the ages of 13 and 16 and I hope indeed that they will collaborate, but I sill have a lot to prepare and it’s the preparing part that’s stressy ^^

Anonymous ↓

oh that's okay , no problem :) are you in college or high school?

I’m in my first year of college ;)

I’m trying to become a teacher and i will be teaching for the first time next week, soooo STRESS

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hello! did you finish that one fanfic you were writing about sharon getting home in the tour break and having sex with robert? I haven't used my tumblr for a while so maybe I mssed it ;

No, I’m rewriting the thing for the 3th time….

School is a hell right now so I’m not really in a mood to write smut :/


With every breath

And all the choices that we make

We are only passing through on her way

Happy Earth Day!